Session #81: All Saints Eve 3

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 2-3

Client : The Malyesta Guard and the Guild

Current Players :

Location : Malyesta

Date : 02 Nov 2019 04:00

Start Time : 8

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Spider is dead and palace is mostly secured. Collateral is large but not as bad as it could be. Everything seems a ok except Turven has been taken. And some of the guild members too actually. It all happened so fast that no one caught what fully happened to them. Good thing I'm not worrying about their perspective, I'm worrying about the poor saps that got dragged in along with Turven. That's you by the way. You all are the poor saps that got dragged in. But, I'm sure you'll be fine, the DC of the check to drag you in was only 22 so whatever you're fighting can't be *that* strong. best of luck.

Session Summary :

The Squad: Ben on Bellatrix, who seems to be Belle but slightly different? Whatup with that. Jerry on Ignace and Adrien on Sav are the familiar faces. Mikey bright Mal, a… uh… he looks like Morphling, in character he swears he's not an ooze, but I dunno man sounds like an ooze to me. He's some kinda soul weaver nonsense. He also literally just got out of an interview with Turven when all this shit went down. And Tracie brought Animename Jojoreference Jomei Jugemu. He fires destructive blasts out of his massive pompadour. The pompadour is his spellcasting focus.

So, we were in the tap room of the Rhoegn guild, Turven just got to our table and was telling us that we should probably sit this one out (cause we’re level 2-3), when a dark portal opened under the table and swallowed us. And Turven! There was a brief struggle where these spooky red tendrils within the portal were grabbing us and trying to grab Turven, and also wrestling with Turven for control of us. Sav and Ignace were able to break free, but the rest of us, Turven included, were drawn in. After a moment, Sav and Ignace decided to go after us. Actually I don't think there was much discussion, I’m pretty sure Sav just went.

As for the rest of us, we landed (safely) in a big, dark pit, full of what I'm sure was cherry soda and not blood. Like, up to ankles. Oh and surrounded by armored goons. And some nerd over there had Turven all kinds of bound. And y'know what he does? He starts monologuing! About his great revenge and all that while in and out of character we were like "okay but who the fuck is this guy?" Which uh, he didn't take too well. Turns out, he was "the Prince", who was featured in the third or fourth ever session of the FGC, before we even had a website to host these summaries. He's the slaver who kidnapped Tali and kicked off the whole Merril arc. He also died in that one session he was featured in. Turven killed him, dead. Some benefactor returned him as a revenant. Anyway, at some point, Sav and Ignace fell out of the sky, combat begins, we beat the guy up. He's really not that tough, this was a level 2-3 mission. Must be a hell of a benefactor, wonder who it is.

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