Session #82: Lady and the Tramp

GM : Logan

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 7-9

Client : The Guild

Current Players : Ben

Location : Rhoegr but accepting participants from either side

Date : 08 Nov 2019 05:00

Start Time : 8

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Our shape shifting receptionist has gotten stuck in his current form and he is unable to do the task put in front of him. Unfortunately, that task involves the fey and is instrumental in getting him back to his normal self. We're asking you to cover for him and we're willing to pay 1300 to each of you for the service as well.

Session Summary :

The Squad: Merisi and Samson. We had a bunch of people drop, but it’s okay, it was a skill challenge anyway.

The Mission: uh… okay. So y'know Lucef? Shapeshifting receptionist of the Rhoegn guild? Well he's also the receptionist for a powerful fey named Rylen. And the same incident (Yajima) that allowed Ezren to escape also allowed her favorite pet, a dream eating doggo named Schnookums, to run off to the Lightless Grove. Rylen was very distraught, and called on Lucef to find someone to get her doggo back. Buuuuut Lucef was really busy what with all the giant spiders falling out of the sky. So she got mad and locked him in the shape of a dog. Please go find her doggo so we can have our receptionist back?

Samson, bless his heart, immediately gave Rylen his name. This didn’t bite him later, promise. We were given a mirror that would transport us to the Twilight Grove, similar and near to the Lightless Grove. At Merisi’s request, she got a sniff (she has Scent) of the pupper’s collar, which smelled like “your sweetest daydream mixed with your worst nightmare”. Cause fey are all kinds of abstract. Sadly, Rylen is not weird enough (or maybe just not the right kind of weird) to carry around vials of her favorite pet’s blood. Alas. Also we got a marble that will “remind him who he is”.

We have a look in the mirror, and are taken to a very pretty forest. Samson doesn’t trust it cause he’s Rhoegn and doesn’t trust plantlife in general. Merisi doesn’t trust it cause faeries. Merisi takes a whiff, catches the scent. Begin skill challenge. Into the Lightless Grove we go. It… well, it’s lightless.

Something tried to jump us in the dark, but we weren’t having it. After this encounter, we gain a stack of Gloom. Penalties to attack and skill checks as the darkness seeps into you and starts dampening your senses. We carry on.

Prior to this, it was quiet. Then, we hear bugs. Y’know, cicadas n shit. It started getting to Samson, so we went to see if we could return to the Twilight Grove. Course turning around doesn’t mean the path you took is still gonna be there, not in Faerie. Then we remembered we had the mirror and just used that. On arrival, we started gaining stacks of Serenity, counteracts but does not remove Gloom, penalties to AC and saves if it exceeds Gloom. Twilight Grove is really nice, why would you want to leave?

Continuing to follow the scent, we encounter a wall of vines, with purple flowers growing from them. We look for a way around, and oh look at that, they’re behind us now. We’re stuck in the middle of flowers. And there’s a woman, who introduces herself as Diana. After some niceties, she suggests we ask the flowers. Logan asks for Diplomacy or Intimidate. Merisi has neither, Samson has Intimidate cause Gladiator shit, but uh… Jerry rolled a 2. Diana was pretty upset that this orc was scaring her flowers, and kicked us out. Whoops.

We find 6 big ol’ pitcher plants/flytraps (kind of a combo really) in the road, a particular variety that is less “digest em in the trap” and more “suck ‘em dry and send the blood n stuff further into the plant.” Merisi’s nose tells her the scent is coming from these plants. Samson starts cutting ‘em open. Merisi sees that two of them are redder, and asks Samson McStrength to force them open. Two corpses come out: a drow (with a couple magic items on him) and a gobbo. They have bite marks on them that look to be about the right size/shape for the doggo, and moreover, the gobbo has one of pupper’s pink crystal things. And then the actual plant burst from the ground and tried to swallow Samson, but he was too quick for ‘em. Carry on.

Next trial, weird puddles in the road. Not interested, Merisi just spiritshifts and flies over. Samson tries to jump over… and rolls a 1. He slips, fall on his ass, then something touches him and the puddle becomes much deeper for him. Now he’s fighting a fey shark thing in dark water! Or rather he’s leaving. He scrambles to the edge of the puddle, downs a four-pack of Red Rock healing potions, and tries to swim across. Merisi, in osprey form, walks beside him, ready to smack this thing if it comes for him. Which it does. And then it was eviscerated. I’m sure Merisi will only do highly respectable things with a jar of preserved faerie blood.

At this point we were feeling a bit too Serene, so we returned to the Lightless Grove. We had a bit of conversation, talking about Samson’s lack of experience with trees growing up in Rhoegr, and Merisi’s relative lack of experience with walking, having grown up underwater.

Next, we encounter a blind fey man, who wants to hear a story about something outside of Faerie. Samson tells the story of how his blood got turned into booze via a freaky flower. Even Merisi thinks that’s pretty fucked up.

Then, we find the pupper. We pass over the marble, he eats it, and is like “yo if the lady who gave you this has more of these delicious dreams I’m fuckin’ in. I’m hungry tho. Say, you fine folks smell pretty good… can I eat your memories?” Samson, discovering that he is standing slightly in front of Merisi all of a sudden, volunteers. So it starts eating Samson’s Gloom and Serenity, wiping his memories of this place, and also giving him negative levels. It becomes clear that we have to stop the pupper or Samson will die from this, so Merisi Blood Puppets the thing and makes it stop. It… apologizes? Sort of? And takes us back to the guild.

Rylen is overjoyed, turns Lucef back into… well, gives him control over his shape again. And then she makes Samson and offer he can’t refuse. Because faeries. And he gave her his name. Samson is about to go back with her, live in her garden until he turns into a dog (probably), but at the last possible opportunity, he rolls a nat twenty. Sorry weird purple babe, I got shit to do.

Hurray, we didn’t die! Fuck faeries!

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