Session #85: Less Castlevania, more Bloodborne

GM : Ben

Max Player Count :

Level Range : 7-9

Client : Empress Nailo Tesuka

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 24 Nov 2019 05:00

Start Time : 2 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :


The matter is time sensitive so I’ll spare you the hows and whys. I used your pet adventurers to do some digging on the Schaefer family. The paper makers, north of Leneruck. They performed admirably, but what they found is… unfortunate.

The Schaefers are wendigos. At least, the adults are. Their eldest child, Maura, attacked our people on their way home, and they had the foresight to bring her back alive. She hasn’t been especially cooperative, but we’ve learned a bit from her. Other information comes from stolen excerpts of the family archives and, of course, the eyewitness testimony of your “samurai”.

Ten years ago there was a similar snowfall as to what we have now. Nobody came to help the Schaefers that time, and they ate all their servants, except for their butler Ilgalas, an elven man who’s been with the family for some four centuries. According to Durzog, the FGC’s resident expert on monster lore, these are fairly typical conditions for forming a wendigo. A hunger spirit notices the guilt caused by the act of cannibalism, and infests the host. Since that event, the Schaefers have tried to contain their hunger, picking off stray drifters and adventurers every few months.

We have 4 known wendigos to content with: Siga, the matriarch; Eddard, her husband; Lendra, her mother; and Laro, her younger brother. Maura, their eldest daughter of sixteen years, is already dealt with. Ilgalas the butler may or may not be hosting one as well. Durzog tells me that it is unlikely their 11 year old son Willum was old enough to understand what he was doing, though he did partake, so he would not have felt the necessary guilt. Their youngest son, Andus, is innocent, though he certainly looks the part. Siga’s hunger spirit made him into a particularly rare sort of tiefling.

Before you order their deaths, Empress, I’d urge you to consider their potential value. This is better blackmail material than you could possibly ask for, and their business ventures are quite a sizable chunk of our economy. They could even be a convenient way to make troublesome people vanish. They’ve been doing it for years, after all. If you have them killed, our best case scenario is that Lady Amakiir successfully exorcises the hunger spirit from Maura, and she takes over the family business. She’ll be disgraced, she’ll want revenge, and she’ll have the resources to be a serious stumbling block to business dealings in the western Roetwald. Not an ideal situation, by my estimate, but perhaps you see more of the picture than I do.



The Empress thanks you for your input, and commends you for your devious mind. However, she feels that it is in the best interests of Terrisea that she show a strong response to corruption, whatever the form. She requests that the known wendigos be put to death immediately, and those we are uncertain of be arrested and examined.

Itoh Mitsae, Imperial Scribe

Session Summary :

The Squad: Silloun (and his wisp, and the jackalope, and the defendo bots) (I still don't know how he has defendo bots), Jaques (and Nugger), Roku (and Ryoko, and Chaka), Derek (and Djofullin) (no more Vernir I guess), and Samson, who was looking very lonely without any pets.

The Mission: beat up the family of Wendigos the C ranks found last mission. Get a briefing from Dusty, and Nay'ri, and Ezren and Ignace from the last mission.

They get close, they buff before the raid, they smash a window to get it. It's eerily quiet. Once they finally all get inside, Siga the matriarch speaks to them from invisibility, demands to know where her daughter is, laments her fate of being butchered by an army of mercenaries, yadda yadda yadda. The PC's make an offer to bring them back peacefully and try to get them exorcised, and Siga accepts. The hunger spirits, unfortunately but predictably, did not. Roll initiative.

The battle was very difficult, and long. Two sessions long. They won, without any permanent losses (Nugger went down, as did the Defendo bots and the jackalope. I’m genuinely shocked that Chaka didn’t die), but they had a hard time killing the wendigos. I think I just made them too tanky. 150 HP each, DR 5/Silver (10 on the tanky one) (the Wendigos were mostly the same, but they each had one or two unique abilities). What really messed the players up, though was the Psychosis. In order to reduce their Psychosis stacks, they needed to deal damage with the bite, but they kept missing. And Roku kept missing with his first attack, so he couldn’t get his combo off.

Also, I really must mention how crazy that battle map was looking at the end of things. See, Jacques learned Animate Objects. He animated a bunch of benches, pews, chairs, and tables, and used them to beat the snot out of the Wendigos. Bench-chan MVP.

Silloun used a Phoenix Down to save the uncle, so he’ll live. What kinda life he’ll have after all this, who can say? Samson, ever the opportunist, decided to raid that armory they’d been told about and came out with a unique weapon or two. And then took the uncle’s unique weapon. And then got a unique greatsword as part of the payment. And he didn’t share any of this with anyone. The DM notices your greed, Samson. The DM will remember this.

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