Session #87: Catching a Falling Moon

GM : Adam

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 4-6

Client : Astrolonomist Riju

Current Players :

Location : Menande, to Baharis

Date : 14 Dec 2019 05:00

Start Time : 8 Probably

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

*An elderly Samsaran gentleman barrels into the guild house, wheezing, with only a little frothing at the mouth*


*He slaps a parchment on the mission board before falling back into a chair, panting. People rush to ask what's up and see if he's ok, but he just points to the paper while he catches his breath. It reads:*

'Greetings accomplished mercenaries of the Maylesta FGC! I'm an Astrolonomist Riju, head of Lunar and Celestial research at the Baharisian Super-Planar Institute. The New Moon in the sky has naturally been of obvious note to our department, and we've been monitoring it from our observatories day and in and day out, and we have identified a number of small objects orbiting the moon itself. But upon closer inspection, many seem to be artificial satellites! And what's more, we are tracking one of these artificial satellites, as it seems its orbit is destabilizing. By our calculations, it will enter the atmosphere and land anywhere between Malserpus, Malfornus, and Malyesta. Naturally, we need recovery crews on the double! Potential advances in the fiel-'

*The gentleman interrupts everyone's reading and wheezes out:*

"Not landing in Rhoegr… Orbit changed by itself… Slowing down in the atmosphere… Right over Valonde… Can't let the Merrish get it…"

*He pushes himself up.*

"I need adventurers, NOW!"

Session Summary :

The Squad: Jürgen, Steph, Sav, and Mopli.

The Mission: A panicked Valish researcher bursts into the Guild saying he needs adventurers to catch a falling moon moon! He's like an astronomer and obviously the astronomers in Baharis have been very interested in the new moon. They've observed that the new moon has a few satellites and oh dear one of them is falling. And if we don't do something about it it's going to land in Merril and we can't let those Merrish bastards get to it first! (I don't think Adam got the memo that Valonde gets along better with Merril than Rhoegr and Terrisea do, because they're very interested in Merrish technological advancements.) (But y'know people are allowed to have their own opinions)

So the four people available Right Now hopped on the fella's flying carpet (and Jürgen promptly got sick) and flew to their observatory, where we got a brief look at the Undefined Fantastic Object through a telescope. It did kinda look like the flying saucer, but thicker/more ellipsoid, and had four balls on poles sticking out the sides. With lightning. One of them had blue lightning, sparking erratically, evidently corresponding to the UFO's changes in trajectory.

So they wanted us to ideally stop it, and land it safely in Valonde, or maybe the Remlith that'd be fine, or… look, if you have to crash it, fine, but just don't land in Merril!

So they teleported us on board and oh wow it is a mess in here. We're inside a forcefield, selectively permeable to metal, so that the turrets can shoot at us. There's four larger bubbles in the corners containing, or formerly containing, various monsters. There's a freaky jellyfish, there's a spider lookin thing, there's some kinda big semi-floaty snake lizard thing, that's tearing at the walls and causing some real damage and is probably responsible for the craft's erratic descent, and there's some kinda ooze that's leaking out of its pen. In the center are a zillion buttons and levers and joysticks and shit.

We spring into confused action! We disable the forcefield by throwing something at the right button, and the ship starts pitching! We all catch the central controls and Jürgen rights the ship! Briefly. The ooze extrudes itself towards us! The Jellyfish is telekinetic and is working with the ooze, cause it's trying to throw us into it! Sav is confused as hell cause she just cuts things, she's too old for all this technology shit! So she goes and starts slicing up the ooze.

Mopli gets a brilliant idea. An idea involving a grenade! The ooze has been trying to grab stuff and pull it towards its heart, that's extruding the rest of it. Mopli primes a (non friendly fire) grenade and jumps into the ooze current! Somehow in all this, Sav gets grabbed too. Steph is messing with the lizard trying to make it not mess with the ships flight, and Jürgen is hanging out in a gravity well the jellyfish made cause he's in range of stuff and he can reach the controls and it's preventing him from falling with the ship pitches hard.

The ooze brings Sav and Mopli together and… fuses them? Into the terrible and mighty Savopli! Well that got weird fast. Mopli's grenade reaches the heart and asplodes, killing the ooze. Huzzah! Savopli reaches the controls and stabilizes and slows the ship so it’ll land before it clears Valonde, Steph picks a fight with a jellyfish but is told to cool his jets and get over here so we can use the magical teleporting eject button they gave us.

Back on terra firma, Savopli wants out. Mopli is not used to being this high up and it's kinda freaking them out. We are paid in magic items, and Savopli seeks a wizard at the guildhall to undo this! They find Silloun. And Merisi walks in too cause she needed to see whether this… thing, was her friend's associate's responsibility. The two of them got Savopli back to Sav and Mopli, but Silloun got a flesh sample and Merisi got a blood sample. Wizards. There oughtta be a law.

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