Session #88: Back to the Grove

GM : Lowgains

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 8-10

Client : Lucef

Current Players :

Location : Rhoegr

Date : 21 Dec 2019 05:00

Start Time : 2 or 3 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :


My master is formally requesting for adventurers to help come and deal with a dangerous intruder that has broken in to the Sunless Grove. The request is urgent and as such the pay will be suitably high, it being 3000 each. Thank you and please inform me directly if you are willing to offer your services.


Session Summary :

The Squad: Merisi, Ephraim, Roku and Co., Silloun and Co.

The Mission: Raelin, a powerful fae who featured in an earlier mission, has another job for us. An intruder, the same one who caused her Schnookums to escape last time, has struck again. The creature he released this time is… less pleasant. Some kinda giant tongue monster, something about a former warden of something. It's usually just a chain, but then sometimes it's a giant tongue, and now it's a monster. Idk faeries are weird. Please take it out, get the tongue, and bring it back to me?

Merisi was less than thrilled to be working with this chick again, and even less thrilled to be going back to Faerie, but a girl's gotta get paid. When Raelin asked for our names, Merisi, Ephraim, and Silloun all used the "you may call me…" construction, Roku the Not Very Wise thought to himself "ah, these fools, giving their names to fae" and said his name was Hoo'Drobin. And he introduced Chaka as Big John. Silly Roku, lying to fae is also bad! But he wasn't punished for it… yet…

Anyway, off we go. Similar mechanics of Gloom and Serenity as last time. First thing of interest we spot is a samurai. A foxy samurai! A foxy samurai familiar to Roku… it's Yajima! One of the many many characters that Logan grew bored/frustrated with and callously discarded. Except he didn't discard Yajima, he has a role in this storyline. Yajima told us a bit about the monster. It exists in both the Sunless and the Twilight Groves simultaneously, it's not particularly mobile, you really don't want to stand in front of it, and it grows stronger the longer its foes have been here. He then pulled out a magic sword (to refrains of "FOOOOrish samwai warria"), made a frosty door, and peaced out. Merisi, through her general familiarity with Shady Shit, was able to piece together from some of his remarks that Yajima is the one responsible for the creature's escape, and thus Schnookums, and also Ezren. She kept this to herself, for now. Valuable information like this should not be simply volunteered.

Then we found the boyo and we beat him up. The end. Somehow no one died. Even though this gross ass G-max Lickilicky lookin mothafucka was throwin out AoEs like nobody's business. Merisi stole secured the kill after she finally fucking got to the thing. So annoying when the enemies don't come to you and you have to use your basic ass 30 ft. of movement to get there yourself. The monster became a tongue which was swiftly stuffed into a bag of holding.

Back at the guildhall, it's been a week because Faerie. Raelin turns the tongue into a chain because faeries. Lucef trades Ephraim a new bag of holding because gross. We get paid. Raelin addresses Roku as Roku, and Roku corrects her. The men (Ephraim, Roku, and Chaka (Silloun is non-binary)) have greatly varying Will saves and thus reactions to Raelin's supernatural charm. Chaka rolls a 1 and says "I would die for that smile". Roku is also affected, not so tactlessly, but enough for RIVALRY (in my headcanon anyway). Ephraim passes because "I've got food at home" (y'all I think he and Kolfinna are fuckin).

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