Session #9: Ahmad's Mysterious Bullshit

GM : Ahmad

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range :

Current Players : Ben, Jerry, Logan, Jackson

Location :

Date : 28 Jul 2018 04:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link :

Session Description :

Session Summary :

Well this was some nonsense. Some cloaked elfy? I think elfy. Cloaked elfy lady named Verwyn and her frighteningly swole bodyguard named Phalinos, both dark-skinned, told the squad to go check out this old-ass library where they detected a big ol' spike of negative energy. They were very particular that we NOT read anything and be very secretive about the whole affair. So we went out and found it was kinda overrun with the detritus of a crazy necromancer, up to and including a skeleton reading skeleton smut. After some encounters and puzzles, the team found a crazy lich trying to teach a bunch of skeletons to dance to the tune of Spooky Scary Skeletons. He talked at us for a while, revealed he had made an anti-sun a couple weeks ago (which would be the negative energy spike). threw some Pixie Dust (TM) into the sphere, Tak had some funny shit happen to him over GM whispers, the lich gave us a bead of positive energy that destroy the sphere, touched Tak and KO'd him, and crumbled to dust. We threw the bead in and cheesed it as the library blew the fuck up.

Listen I know that didn't make any sense but that is an accurate depiction of it in the moment as well.

Flare checked out of life auras (via lifesense) and oh dear we all seem to be missing a teeny piece of our souls. That's weird and probably bad. Verwyn had a lead for us to help out at least, some nonsense in Muwamaka. So uh, I guess we'll have a follow-up.

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