Session #93: Buried Secrets

GM : Ben

Max Player Count : 5

Level Range : 2-3

Client : Mr. Narder Foxe

Current Players :

Location : Terrisea

Date : 08 Feb 2020 05:00

Start Time : 8 PM

Job Link : [[[]]]

Session Description :

Helo my naym is Narder Foxe. Im from a little town south east of Woffeld called Caley Hill. Wee used to have a kami shrine, it was a relly nice one to, but ther was an earthquake maybee fifteen years ago and the entrence (there are several failed attempts to spell "collapsed") was filled with rocks. I finaly finished digging it out, but its full of monsters now. I want too give the shrine maydens a proper buryal. I saved one thowsand crowns, I hope its enough. I guess you can have anything nise you find in the shrine too.

I droo a map too the shrine. Dont come to town, they probibly wont like you. Im out there around sun down evry day, so ill meet you there at sun down.

Sorre if my riting is bad, I dont get much practise.

A map is included. Though crude, it is of significantly higher quality than Mr. Foxe's handwriting.

Payment: 1,000 gold to split, and whatever treasures you might recover.

Session Summary :

Note: this didn't happen on the week it was originally planned. I got a headache :(

The Squad: Rex, Ignace, and Abel, who has been updated with the hottest new Akashic Bullshit. Which I should go read now that I have time…

The Mission: A semi-literate man has dug up an old collapsed kami shrine and is asking help clearing it out. He wants to find the bodies of the shrine maidens and give them a proper burial.

Tragically, everyone on this mission is a responsible individual and no one was late to the briefing. This threw Lao off a little bit, but he’s an old hat at this, he recovered quickly, and he informed the party that he had done a little digging on the situation and found that the local lord, one Bann Gauwill, was rather… aggressively devout. Some fifteen years ago he had ordered the extermination of kami worship in his demesne. Which is to say, what y’all are doing probably doesn’t meet with approval from the local authorities. Be careful.

They arrived upon the scene to find a suspicious cart next to a big ole pile of rubble on a hillside. Investigations revealed a (glitch in Rex’s night vision goggles) and a set of bootprints leading to a narrow gap in the rubble. Inside they found a large double door, and behind they found Mr. Foxe, the client, and aging human man dressed in scale mail and a tabard, with a longsword at his side and a few dead giant spiders nearby. He had planned on accompanying the party, but he was a little messed up from his encounter and decided that he wasn’t as young as he used to be. He explained that the actual shrine had been outdoors, on top of the hill, but that had been completely destroyed. This down here was where the shrine maidens and high priestess had lived, and possibly did other priestess-ly things? He doesn’t know, he follows Ullr, and other people didn’t really come down here anyway. He gave them a key that he knew opened something but he wasn’t sure what. And off the brave adventurers went!

There were many encounters in this dungeon! There were shadows, darkmantles pretending to be stalactites, a gray ooze pretending to be a lovely bath, and… giant ants? But there were spiders up front… whatever. There were quite a few nice things in this dungeon, including a suspicious looking sword in a plinth that they decided to come back to later. And in a vault, locked from outside, unlocked by the key that Mr. Foxe gave them, were the bodies of the priestesses. And a message! The high priestess had left a Magic Mouth to explain their fate to whoever found them. TLDR: They lock themselves in here to hide and Mr. Foxe was supposed to come let them out when it was safe, but he never showed, and the shrine maidens died of thirst… after drinking the blood of their sisters. The priestess called Foxe a traitor and asked whoever found her to seek vengeance against him. The plot thickens!

They went back to Mr. Foxe to corroborate, and eventually drew out the full story. He was, at the time, working as a guard for Bann Gauwill, and had tried to warn the shrine maidens about Gauwill’s intentions. They refused to be bullied out of their temple, until Foxe came running from the keep to warn them that Gauwill’s people were coming now you gotta run. They relented, said they needed to take care of a few things here before they could go. Antsy and with the Bann’s men close behind, Foxe came up with the plan to hide them in their vault and tell the Bann they had already left, and then he’d let them out after the troops left. The shrine maidens agreed. When Gauwill saw that the complex was empty, he said “okay, cool, collapse the entrance” and thus, Foxe couldn’t get to them. He felt responsible for their deaths, and has spent the past decade plus trying to dig out the entrance in secret so he could at least bury them. The party accepted this explanation.

Then they went to figure out what the deal with that spooky sword was. In a small room, dark and shadowy even to darkvision, the hilt of a sword juts out the top of a rock with a poem carved into it.

Tis a traitor’s fate to sleep and never rest
While knowledge of his deed stays lodged within his breast
But earnest penance heals the sorrowful man
And worthy actions stay the executioner’s hand

They decided it was probably best not to leave it here, it could hurt somebody. Ignace tried to pull it out. As he pulled, he felt something pulling on him too, pulling on his very spirit. After a moment, the blade jolted out of his hands, back into its plinth, now ice cold to the touch. Rex and Mr. Foxe tried with similar results, and Abel, reluctantly, gave it a go. He felt the same pull, but then he felt it take hold of something inside his psyche, and was able to draw the Grey Sleeper from its plinth. The shadows swirled around the estoc and it became a greatsword, as Abel prefers to use, and a new verse appeared on the blade.

Seek the whirling agent made of copper, crystal, stone
Awaken first your essence so that you may atone

And now he has a cool, mysterious, and definitely cursed sword. No more akashic nonsense motherfucker.

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